European Golf Rankings

How it Works

Points Table

After an exhausting research period where we compared the results of hundreds of tournaments from local U12 to major international events, we were able to come up with a points table that allows us to accurately rate the strength of an event based upon the Handicap Stroke Indexes(S.I.), of its participants. Our Points Table is separated into S.I. Groups ranging from +5 and above to -15.0 to -15.9. This wide distribution of S.I. Groups provides us with the ability to create rankings for juniors as well as world class players.

Top Bonus

Top Bonus rewards tournaments based upon the strength of its field. This gives us a more accurate reflection of the quality of an event. The bonus is calculated for players in the top 250 of the World Amateur Golf Rankings. We add 10% of the “Average Points” of these players to calculate the Top Bonus.

We would like to thank the R&A for generously allowing us to use their rankings system. Anyone interested in viewing the current World Amateur Golf Rankings can do so under:

Match Play Events

For Match Play events with a stroke play qualifier, we award 10% of the “Total Points” to the top 10% of the qualifiers. For example, if an event has 5000 points and 288 participants, 500 points will be awarded to the top 29 finishers of the stroke play qualifier. The distribution of these 500 points will be similar to the standard process. The remaining 90% of the points, 4500 in this example, will be distributed to the players relative to their finish in the tournament.

Points Distribution
50% of the field will be paid with odd numbers rounded down.

The Points Table assigns a numerical value to the strength of the respective field. The winner of the event receives the total sum of points assigned to that event (In the case of Matchplay events with a Stroke Play Qualifier, it is 90%, see above). The player finishing 2nd receives 75% of the winner’s points, 3rd 65%, 4th 55%, 5th 45%. The remaining points are distributed in the following manner:

(Cut)- The points between 6th place (approximately 35%) and the last place making the cut (10%), will be distributed evenly. The places directly following the cut (7.5%) and the last paid place (approximately 5%), will be distributed evenly.

Note: in the event that the cut place lies beyond the 50% range of the field, the event will be treated as a non-cut event.

(No-Cut)- The points will be distributed the same as with a cut; with the cut position being established at 1/3 of the total number of players (maximum 156).

Rankings and Eligibility

We only rank tournaments taking place in a country that is a member of the European Golf Association. Our rankings period is a 52 week roaming calendar. We rank the major fixtures in Europe as well as major regional events open to international players.

We rate players in various age groups ranging from Open to U12. As a player’s age increases, his points carry over into the next age group.