European Golf Rankings

How it Works

Points Table

Our algorithm allows us to accurately rate the strength of an event based upon the handicaps of the participants. Together with the TOP BONUS points, EGR is able to gauge events regardless of age category.

Top Bonus

Top Bonus rewards tournaments based upon the strength of its field. The bonus is calculated for players in the top 250 of the World Amateur Golf Rankings. We add approximately 10% of the “Average Points” to the total points of the event.

Match Play Events

Points for Match Play events will be award in the same manner as for Stroke Play events. Places within the respective rounds will be determined by the player’s qualifying score. This gives a real added value to the qualifying score.

Points Distribution

50% of the field will be paid with odd numbers rounded down.

The winner receives 100% of the points. The points distribution table is adjusted based upon the size of the field.

(Cut/Scoring Bonus)

A bonus of 2.5% of the total purse is awarded to all players making the cut.
*Players losing out in a scorecard playoff to determine last cut positions will also be awarded a cut bonus!

There is also a bonus of 2.5% for the low round daily and ties.

Rankings and Eligibility

We only rank tournaments taking place in a country that is a member of the European Golf Association. Exceptions are European Based Tours with finals in a foreign country. EGR reserves the right to make other exceptions. Our rankings period is a 52 week roaming calendar.

We rate players in various age groups ranging from Open to 12 and under. As a player’s age increases, his points carry over into the next age group.

Counting Events

The rankings period is over 365 days. All events a player plays, will be listed on his profile. Depending upon the Age Category, only the top 6 (U14) or 8 events with the most points are counted towards the rankings. There is not limited to the amount of events a player can participate in.