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NCAA Recruiting - College Golf in the USA

Your Recipe for Success!

Understanding the Factors Involved

  • Factors to consider:
    • Education (Field of Study & University Rating)
    • Facilities
    • Schedule
    • Team Strength
    • Coach
    • Weather
    • Cost (Men’s Teams 4.5 Scholarships Women’s 6)

The Right Formula

  • Rate the factors (1-10, with 10 being the most important)
  • Education 7
  • Facilities 9 (Consider the distance from school)
  • Schedule 8 (Top programs play highly ranked WAGR events)
  • Team Strength 6 (How soon will you be in the line-up?)
  • Coach 5 (What is his knowledge of the game?)
  • Weather 7 (What are the winters like??)
  • Money (How much scholarship will you need??)

What You NEED to DO to be Eligible

  • Grades Translated
  • SAT/ACT Test (Check the schedules and sign up early!)
  • Toefl Test (Every school has a different standard for admissions)
  • Register with the NCAA
  • Apply to the University

Getting a Scholarship

  • Make a resume with your results
  • Take some videos (6 iron and Driver) from down-the-line and Face-On
  • Identify the schools where you might want to go and write the golf coach
  • If he likes what he sees, he will want to know your schedule of events and Skype with you
  • Make sure to have at least 3 schools. Things change fast in this business
  • Visit the schools (You can have the visit paid for in the Fall of your final year)

How Can an Advisor Help?

  • He has many connections with golf coaches
  • Has a very good knowledge of the programs and universities
  • Knows your value at the various levels (Jr. College-Div. I,II,II, NAIA)
  • Can help you employ a strategy to get better and market yourself
  • Ensure that the logistics of the process go smoothly
  • Adds reassurance to your needs during the process

Cost of Attending a University

  • International students are Out-of-State
    • Tution is 2 to 3 times as much
    • Room and Board
    • Books and Fees
  • Total Costs for a four year education range between

$120,000 - $225,000 (Every 1% is between $1200 - $2250)

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