European Golf Rankings


Last Big Week of the Year!!


Germany’s Christopher Carstensen wins the International Austria Amateur Championships and much more…

It was the last big week of the EGR Calendar for 2012. Leading the charge up the rankings was Germany’s Christopher Carstensen when he beat a star studded Austrian field to win the International Austria Amateur Championships. Europe’s most beautiful Trophy was won by England’s Alfie Plant at Sundridge Park with his victory at the Waterford Trophy. England’s Joe Brooks won the South of England Boys Open in Dorset County on two of South England’s finest courses, the Yeovil and Sherbourne Golf Clubs. Italy’s Gianmaria Trinchero won the Total Belgian Juniors held at the Royal Belgian Golf Club – Ravenstein. Italy’s Guido Miggliozzi won the Italian U16 held at the Biella La Betulle Golf Club, home to some of Europe’s finest greens. Sebastian Schwind, the older brother to Germany’s youngest Bürgermeister, won the German National Closed Championships held at the Hardenberger Resort. Schwind beat two of Europe’s top golfers Alex Matlari and Moritz Lampert on his way to his second title in the last three years.

France and Finland are jumping on the EGR Bandwagon so we will be bringing in more events in the next few weeks!!